“Pandemic” [series trailer]

A five-part branded content series about a deadly virus and the people at the frontline of fighting bioterrorism. Created for UNSW Australia and the PLuS Alliance.

Watch the series: youtu.be/bVvUGWkHlUQ?list=PLHSIfioizVW29tfrqDW6s1Aw9XgfpJU8W

• Nominated for Best Cinematography, Best Australian Drama, Best Director, and Best Supporting Actor at Melbourne WebFest 2016


Producer: Michelle Hardy
Story: Raina MacIntyre, David J. Heslop, and David Muscatello
Screenplay By: Seaton Kay-Smith

Director: Nick Hunter
Production Designer: Ella Carey
Cinematographer: Sidat de Silva
Composer: Phillip J. Faddoul
Series Editor: Brad Hurt

IMDb: imdb.com/title/tt5647418/reference

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